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Dec 12, 2017

The last quarter of the year can be super busy for photographers.  But, it's easy to forget that higher sales also lead to higher taxes.  Take a listen to this episode to make sure you cover yourself and your sales taxes!

Nov 28, 2017

In recent episodes we've been discussing how to create and implement a sales strategy.  In this episode we go over how to prep for your sales session and set yourself up for a smooth appointment!

Nov 14, 2017

Price lists are NOT a marketing tool.  They are a sales tool.  If you don't use your price list the right way it may hurt your business.  This episode covers the correct way to use your price list to help your sales strategy making it easier to sell your work.

Nov 7, 2017

Selling is definitely one of the areas that most photographers hate... That and actually talking to clients either in person or on the phone.  It can really intimidating to talk about selling your work and just trying to sell yourself in general.  Unfortunately, the reality is that we HAVE to be able to sell our work if...

Oct 31, 2017

Most photographers are not big fans of blogging, but it's an important tool in your arsenal.  Not only does it help with SEO, getting the word out, but it also helps to build your brand and trust with your clients.  This episode outlines how to use your blog to build your brand, and how to do it so it doesn't overwhelm...